CAL · de · ra


a large volcanic crater, typically one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.

In other words, the hole left behind.

Launched in 2018, Caldera Magazine is a print and online publication dedicated to highlighting the voices of creatives of color and queer communities. Founder and editor, Zoe Rayn, chose Caldera as the title of this publication after hearing the word sung in a dear friends favorite song. After learning the meaning, she found it pertinent to the discussion of representation, or the lack thereof. Our hope is to build a space— both online and out in the “real world”— where people can see themselves reflecting back at them.



the team


Zoe Rayn

Founder; Editoral Director


While in undergrad Zoe began working at various galleries in Philadelphia and later on explored the nonprofit world. After several years of professional experience in Philly’s arts community, she became unnervingly aware of how she was often one of the only people of color in the room. This realization sparked an idea to create a space and platform that wasn’t only inviting to people of all backgrounds, but a place where their work was the priority - and alas, Caldera was born.

Her favorite book is Flowers for Algernon (because crying is fun), and she recently decided she would very much like to compete on Masterchef.

Vi Tatran



Vi is a visual designer with a background in film and video; a path she chose due to both a lifelong passion for aesthetics, and frustration with the lack of diverse points of view shown in mainstream media and storytelling. She loves all things design history, and in her spare time both collects and sells vintage wear, furniture, and objects. Her favorite book is Jane Eyre, but she would also like to note that The First Bad Man by Miranda July comes in at a very close second.


Tara Thomas

Culinary + Lifestyle Editor


Tara seeks to combat social, environmental, and health issues with her culinary art in order to catalyze a change in perspective of individuals. Food is medicine that fuels your thoughts and actions, direct source of energy from the sun.

Jenna Song

Summer Intern


Jenna (Jera) is a senior journalism major at Temple University. She prides herself on being mindful of her ecological footprint and is working to reduce her use of single use plastics.

Her favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye, and her most recent passion project has been cohosting and producing the talkshow, “We Need to Talk”, via her universities television station.