CAL · de · ra


a large volcanic crater, typically one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.

In other words, the hole left behind.

Launched in 2018, Caldera Magazine is a bi-annual print and online publication dedicated to championing the voices of artists and creatives from Black, POC and Queer communities. Our name was inspired by the lyrics in dear friend's favorite song, after learning the meaning, our Founder thought it pertinent to the discussion of representation, or the lack thereof. "Our hope is to build a space— both online and out in the “real world”— where people can see themselves and feel heard in a genuine, authentic way."



the team


Zoë Rayn | founder

@zoe.rayn /

Vi Tatran | Designer


Tara Thomas | Culinary + Lifestyle Editor

@cheftarathomas /

nick schon | Editorial Assistant

@schonnk /



Jenna Song, @itsjennasong | Editorial Intern