Marcus Branch

Marcus Branch is a young black artist and force to be reckoned with. Striking photography with cutting narratives and equally riveting performances for video, are just small fractals in the masterpiece that is his ever growing body of work. 

Awakening the pages of mainstream publications such as i-D and Paper Magazine (to name just two), while nurturing his relationships within the Philadelphia and NYC art and queer communities, it is clear that he is not just another photographer, but rather a gem of true talent with a mission and a way.


"We only know what we are taught, and I feel that I’ve been miseducated. I’ve grown up learning the performance that has been expected of me since conception. A social expectation, a role prewritten. The range of these teachings are merely black and white, despite me feeling an unacknowledged spectrum within me. 

As I grow (along with my generation) our perspectives expand, our voices combine, and our truths are realized. We speak up and out against the very teachings we’ve been limited to. We express what we truly feel, instead of practicing what we’re expected to feel. We show you the beauty in the lessons that we ourselves are relearning and effectively reteaching.

My works actively carry my intentions of inclusivity, visibility, and challenging of social norms such as gender performance through exhibiting vulnerability and unity where we’re taught to least expect them. In this, I contribute my innate spectrum to expand the two-toned lessons still taught today. "


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