Roland Santana

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First Generation to be “American” and expressive, will they come after me now? I have to go big, exploring of blood-land visually ingesting every rock, body, and color, no worries. For “you and me” is what I sang but the textbook sings differently. So why did I have a reason to care? I made a mistake and I show it easily to a crowd, now it is your turn. Simplicity is equivalent to detail, you just have to look harder to non-conforming art.

My intention is not for many eyes but for the ability to craft continuously. If many eyes do attract then so be it, I want to share it with you and everyone. As different words clutter this page so goes for every form I create. Just as I was a difference and so are you. With this pen, brush, some odd object, and paper I call ownership until it can rightfully owned by another.

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Deeply affected, I take time to stretch and breath, dance and sing. There can be always some rhythm in the background, so I let that do its work and I do mine. Image is such a privilege - an image can stop time, or travel into a multiverse. I can taste the colors not literally of course, but through retina wonders. So I observe as much as I can unless destiny calls. Pink is sweet and Green is sour, Blue can be a wonderful hybrid of both, White is fresh mint and Black is bitter and earthy.

I believe that there is somethings that you will not understand from this, you might have to read this two or three times, or leave and come back in a month. But these words will be here for you dear reader. Just as my images will be.

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Zoe Rayn Evans