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Lama//BLUEBOYLAZ (pronounced L-ah-z) is a Philly based rapper on a mission to make his sound heard. After dropping his first single at the tail end of last year fans quickly began to take notice. 

LAZ took time out of his grind to chat with us about everything from his family, style, a burst pipe in his basement and inspiration --

I know life has been crazy lately so thank you for finding time to link up!

Yea defintely crazy, I came home to find my basement underwater. Apparently I had some pipes freeze on me causing them to burst when it got a little warmer. Everything’s cool now but it’s definitely put a hamper on my schedule haha

Where did BLUEBOYLAZ come from?

It’s a nickname my dad calls me sometimes, that and L.Z. The BLUEBOY comes from the stories of Krishna actually. I saw correlation because he represents love among other things which tends to be the subject matter of a lot of my music. homies tend to just call me LAZ  though.

Does your family have a big influence on you/your work then?


Yes and no. Obviously my music is pretty personal and my family being a big part of my existence, causes them to somewhat have an influence. But they don’t necessarily influence the way my music sounds or feels. That comes from just exploring what i found interesting in life and wanting to write about it or create because of it. Though i can say my parents definitely gave me my love of exploring new sounds because they listen to anything and everything.

Who/what has been a source of inspiration for you?

If by who you mean creatives, there’s to many names. to name a few though: Common, Pharrell and N.E.R.D, Bloc Party and Flying Lotus. If we’re talking about generally the world around me tends to be a big inspiration, whether positive or negative. As well as my own life, like love and feeling lost at times. I tend to make very emotive music so the emotions I go through inspire me a lot.

Do you feel as an artist/musician you have a responsibility to use your platform to encourage social change?

Yes, in certain instances. I’m going to be honest unless I know that an artist/musician has researched or studied an issue I cringe a bit when I see them talk about said issue. I would rather hear that by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about. HOWEVER, I do think artist have a responsibility like everyone else to do the best they can to make a positive change within their reasonable abilities.

I completely agree! Why do you think its so cringe worthy though? Just the general lack of knowledge of the pretending to be well versed in a topic so serious?

I think it’s cringe worthy because it makes whatever is being pushed at the moment feel like a farce or some kind of publicity stunt. Which takes the place of the real issues.

Which song do you think has had or has the potential to have the most impact? Why? 

Honestly I just dropped a track called HOMEBOY which has gotten a really great response. as well as a track call ODD with my homie JAKKTHERHYMER and they keep growing.

I think people vibe with the freshness of the music. I’m not trying to be anything I’m not and I’m not trying to sound like anybody but me and you can hear in the music.

Would you ever explore other genres/creative mediums?

Of course. I don’t limit myself or box myself in. I’m inspired by a lot whether that’s sonically, visually, or artistically. I have some waves on the way that I’m really happy to show people and I think they’re going to vibe with heavy.

That actually leads to me to another question - who is your audience? If we were back in an advertising class (lol) what would your "target demographic" look like?

HAHA, my audience would definitely be alt-kids like myself, who don’t let boxes and labels limit their quest to find dope music to listen to. 

But honestly everyone’s my target demographic, i just want to spread more music.


Alright, lastly - How do you go about rejecting stereotypes and being true to your personal style/sound?

This may sound cheesy but just by being myself. Like I said before I don’t try to be anything I’m not and stay true to me and what I enjoy and I don’t try to recreate anyone else’s art. Granted I may be inspired by other artist but I try to take that inspiration and use it to create something only I could say or do. I do what makes me happy and in turn it makes it personal.

Upcoming show/release date:

I have no shows coming up as of yet or projects but I do have some vids dropping once complete. One’s for HOMEBOY and the other’s for ODD, I think people are going to really VIBE with these vids, just a hunch haha

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