Alley Cat | Diana Misdary

I am unfaithful in all the right ways.

Not right under his nose, but in the alleyways of his heart.

I’d say you should have put a ring on it

But when was the last time wrapping metal around limbs kept people in their place?

Or when did it tame any beasts?

Rather it maddened them more.

Shakira’s Shewolf wasn’t a metaphor,

Its simple taxonomy- giving a name to what you’re up against.

Not that I’m a viscous canine, only that I have these vicious canines whose bloodthirst I can’t curb.

So I double park my desire alongside one another, wishing the street wasn’t so wide.

Maybe maturity is learning to stay in my lane.

Oh wait, that’s faithfulness.

To be honest, I’m from Jersey, used to four lane highways and that sounds limiting.

How can freedom entail so much bondage?

These bonds that we build start to feel like Babel.

These talks of forever and family, trying to reach the heavens with our fairytale.

I’m leaving glass slippers all over the place.

Pretty soon we’re in a minefield filled with shards of broken intentions.

There’s a me who wants to give you a happily ever after,

But the other me?

That’s just not what she’s after.

Taught to commit yet inclined to love,

Given so much, giving so much

How can I expect one cup to be enough?

How many is enough?

Zoe Rayn Evans