WHAT TO DO WHEN A MAN LOOKS AT YOU in response to the video, “What To Do When A Girl Looks At You” (1.9M views) | Stacy Li

If you respond the wrong way, or even too late, 

your chances to seal the deal could slip away. 

Heterosexual relationships bartered 

over sound-bites are real estate: 

He the penniless house-hunter.

You worth a quarter million, 

bought and sold like your

family name.

The first glance could already create tension. 

It sets the tone before you even start talking.

A pride of lions, a school of flesh, 

a gaggle of genetic gestures, 

smirking squad of joyless 

threat, falling for the 

memory of mastery,

of misery; 

not you, love. To a battalion of selves, 

he commands: Capitalize on the

situation. Practice smiling in the

mirror. You think, This drink

tastes great, I wonder if Alicia 

has emailed me back yet. 

When a man looks at you, worms in

your stomach are meant for fanged

hooks. Crush of courtesy bears 

down to hold fish in your teeth.

This “tension” was never yours; let it

wilt under red lights. Let stink 

meat-rotten lies from his jaw, still 

demanding bread. Do not perform

the bloodless grin.

Zoe Rayn Evans