by Candy Alexandra; contributor


12:01 AM

fear polluted air

poisoned my lungs

made my mouth

dry, my tongue

a barren


3:38 AM

awakened by

another nightmare

something rotten

in this so called

Land of the Free

8:45 AM

a battered, boot-blackened

He Votado Hoy sticker outside of City Hall,

labored breath cutting through

the perilous frequency of ear-splitting silence,

a white gash bleeding bitter red

erupting the stench of long-festering strife,

This is Collision.

3:01 PM

mi piel canela is not safe

in the grip of white supremacy

mi lengua Latina is not safe It is the target of English aggression

my culture is not safe from the hypocrisy of appropriation everyone loves tacos and tequila but not the hands that makes

my sanity is not safe nor is my humanity safe it is suffocating under rhetoric of oppression

somos piezas de ajedrez collateral damage, never a priority, never safe

11:59 PM


is the corrosive venom

in the back of our throats

that corrupts our ability to



they say The sun will rise in the morning but the promise of sunshine sounds hollow to my ringing ears, deafened by the incessant, frenzied war drums pounding in my chest

I am Beatriz

after Beatriz at Dinner

I am impenetrable sewn leather stuffed with broken bones shoved forgotten in every dark corner made to survive each punch taught to cover up salt swollen eye bags disguise raw lips with red tame disheveled knots with a comb

I am heaving sand coughing up hurt hoarse from begging for rain my skin drinks sun like parched desert rivers drink water steam is rising from my scorched earth I am longing for soft drops to soothe my sun-ravaged skin

I am a growing pattern of floodlines marking each time I’ve walked into the ocean beckoned by the waves’ lullaby eyes closed skin achingly anticipating freedom’s caress each time I remain entranced longer longer walk in further further

I am a low-hung branch softly grazing the weeping woman’s river teasing out the words she tucked within each tear to wrap and gift



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