Retrieval by Samya Abu-Orf


You smell like freshly cleaned linens

she says, her damp fingers close to her face and mine

How is it that you smell so clean, so fresh?

I want to tell her I feel so pure, here, with her weight pressing down on me,

her breath hot in my ear

I want to tell her how she pulls a string of butterflies from inside me, one right after another

pulls little knots of whimsy and wonder and sweetness from somewhere deep within

She tells me my vagina is beautiful

I invite her deeper into the beyond of me

and my body has never felt more open, more receptive

She is, for me, tabula rasa

Here, I am the way the universe intended

powerful because I am vulnerable,

because I am soft and open wide

without worry or doubt

trusting and calm

existing seamlessly in this body

whole and hers

But also mine again



Zoe Rayn Evans