Malachi Lily & Symone Salib

FRIDAY, APRIL 5TH / 6:00PM - 9:00PM


Malachi Lily and Symone Salib in a joint exhibition celebrating representation of all kinds.

About The Artists:

Malachi Lily

“I am a shapeshifting, nonbinary, black poet, artist, curator, and moth. I connect to the Collective Unconscious via energy work, Active Imagination, mysticism, myth, magic, folklore, and fairy tales. This channeling takes the form of visual art, performance art, curation, journalism, or poetry. My art and literature combats our addiction to instant gratification and toxic individualism, as well as resonates Light energy.

For all my work, I want to promote a culture of thought and Oneness and cultivate caring research, personal attention, and work that transcends beyond aesthetics. When I curate, I seek to bring together not just works or performances, but people. In my programming, I highlight works by people experiencing marginalization through events that are both vibrant in energy and thoughtful in content. My ultimate goal is to connect all to the Unconscious through self-love and divine awakening.”

Symone Salib

Salib is a Cuban/Egyptian portrait painter and street artist based out of Philadelphia. Through acrylic paint and illustration, she works to highlight the lives of people of color. She focuses on vibrantly sharing the stories of people in hopes we can connect and resonate with humans who are different from themselves. She strives to create a space where people are not only seen but heard.




This is show is part of our Spring Exhibition Series in collaboration with Art Dept. Philly.

Zoe Rayn Evans